The Paspective Web Design Process

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The Brief

Once any web job is signed off, a full brief will be gathered from the client to confirm layout and design suggestions, as well as any specific functionality or requirements.

Where required, a site map of the site will be created, as well as wireframes of key pages to get a rough idea of site structure and placement of elements.

Design Phase

Once the wireframes and sitemap (if required) are approved then the design phase can be begin. All designs are created using Photoshop and made completely bespoke to the clients brief and brand concept. The homepage is always designed first to get initial approval that it is on the right lines, only once the client is 100% happy is the internal page design then started.

Depending on the complexity and size of the site, will depend on how many internal designs will be created. In most cases, for a 5 – 20 page site, usually just one internal design is enough – that the rest of the site will then flow from. Customer satisfaction is always paramount, so clients have unlimited design changes (as long as they are within the initial brief) until fully happy with how the site will look.

Ideally client images and content will be used and will need to be supplied at this stage, but stock images can be sourced if needed and dummy text can be added for the design phase where applicable.

Build Phase

Once all design work is approved then the WordPress build can start. The build will be carried out on a testing server so nothing can be found or indexed by search engines until ready. The build will be matched exactly to the designs, made to be fully responsive for all web browsers and devices – desktop, tablet and mobile.

Correct mark-up and tags will be used for SEO purposes and all content will be easily editable by the client is required, with user friendly framework tools implemented where necessary.

Content for the new site needs to be supplied during the build stage so that once the build is complete, all content can be added.

Testing Phase

Once the content is added then a thorough test of the site will be carried out, on different devices, browsers and with various settings to ensure the site renders and works correctly for any user.

Once tests are completed, the client will be sent the link to the proofing site to review. Any changes or suggestions can then be made to the site and once the client is happy the site will be pushed live.

Going Live

Once live, a complete web and SEO checklist will be carried out to ensure the site is running correctly and any proofing tags or settings are removed so Google can index your site correctly.

The site job would now be complete, but on-going maintenance and support is also offered where needed. If the site is being hosted with Paspective then monthly plugin, theme and WordPress updates would also be carried out going forward.