Benefits of Having a WordPress Website


WordPress is an incredibly versatile CMS (content management system), here we cover some of the key benefits to using WordPress over other web building platforms:

Fully Customisable

WordPress is an open source platform so anything is achievable. There are no restrictions or additional plugin purchases required if you need a certain functionality, a web developer has the freedom to add anything they need to the site.

CMS System

WordPress has a built in CMS (content management system) that is simple, even for a novice to use and is a universal and widely used platform with a variety of framework plug-ins that can make editing or amending your website really straight forward.

Tons of Free Plug-ins

There are a variety of free plug-ins available for WordPress, all of which cover a wide range of uses – from contact forms and image / gallery sliders to language management and e-commerce solutions.

SEO Friendly

WordPress is built to be SEO friendly from the ground up, using appropriate tags, markup and clean code, with minimal files, great for quicker load times and search engine results. WordPress also has free plug-ins like Yoast SEO that offer more thorough customisation of your site, with meta tags setup, site map creation, site optimisation tools, image and social media tags and much more.

Future Proof

WordPress is a more widely used platform so another developer can more easily make changes if ever needed in the future. Being fully customisable also means that any future changes, from complete style changes to adding additional functionality is completely doable.

No Ongoing Payments Required

Because WordPress is an open source platform there is no subscription necessary. Most plug-ins are also free with WordPress and they even come with auto updates, keeping them secure and compatible.

Easier to Integrate Third Party Widgets / Code / Tools

Being fully customisable means that any third party tools that are needed on your site can easily be integrated without trouble. Some web builder tools can make this a challenge or even cause you to have to purchase widgets to do so.