Benefits of Bespoke Web Design

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Many freelance web designers these days will use templates or site builders with integrated, default layouts already in place to create websites and it can leave a very generic and cloned looking feel to these sites.

At Paspective, all our sites are custom made from the ground up, designing your site and getting it exactly how you want before ever starting any coding, here we list some of the benefits of this approach:

Create a Unique Brand Look and Feel

Creating a bespoke website will ensure your brand and message are showcased fully and in a unique way that will be appropriate to your business.

Get the Exact Design / Layout You Want

The website will be built to your specific needs and the designer would have full capabilities to make any customisations or amendments that you might have. The design phase takes place before any code is written, so any layout changes can be adjusted prior to building – saving on time and hashing of code.

Cleaner Code

Because the site would have been built to be specific to its needs, means there will be less reliance on unnecessary plug-ins, code or widgets that can seriously slow down a site and also make a site more vulnerable to being hacked.

Save on Theme / Plugin Renewals

As the template will be built specifically for you, this will mean you own the theme and so there won’t be any renewal costs. Also, because there is less need for unnecessary plug-ins, the cost to renew these will also be reduced.

Future Capabilities / Amending

Most bespoke websites, including ours, will be created using familiar frameworks with the ability to amend any content through a CMS system, so any future changes will be possible even if not in-house.