Importance of Good Web Design

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More Sales / Conversions

If your website is created in the right way and is engaging and intuitive for users then they are much more likely to convert to a sale. A website that is confusing or muddled is bound to make a potential customer go elsewhere.

Better Understanding of Your Message / Service

Your website users are more likely to see what your service or message is with an attractive site that is clear and focused. Preventing potential leads leaving your site early.

More Engagement

A good looking or well presented website is more likely to attract more users and keep them on your site for longer. If you have a blog or social feeds / links on the site, then there is a higher chance for users to engage with these too and better engagement can lead to better search results.

Save on Marketing Costs, Especially PPC

Making your website clear and attractive enough to improve sales will inevitably mean you save on marketing and PPC costs as the clicks you are paying for aren’t then wasted.

Better Brand Impression

An attractive and nicely designed website will improve how potential customers perceive your business and your brand as a whole. A small, poorly designed website will make the company seem small and unprofessional, your website needs to be a reflection of how you want to be seen.

Save on Re-doing the Site

Creating a good, quality website from the start will save time and costs in the future of having to make changes or even creating a new site within a year or 2. Apart from maybe some websites needing to stay up with current trends, a decent website should be able to look good for around 10 years before you’d need to consider a redesign.